DC Comics Teases ‘Joker Wars’ Bat-Family Tie-Ins Ahead Of May Solicits

by Olly MacNamee

Batgirl #47 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli

With DC Comics full solicitations due this Friday 14th February, they’ve been whetting our appetites in advance by slipping a few covers under our noses over on Twitter.
Due to launch in Batman #95, ‘Joker Wars’ will be an all consuming storyline that  seems to suggest that the Joker is on the verge of revealing Batman’s secret identity to Gotham City and the world. A story so large it will quickly seep into other Bat-family titles, as seen in an early look at covers for Batgirl #47 by writer Cecil Castellucci, artist Robbie Rodriguez with a cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Detective Comics #1023 by writer Peter Tomasi, with Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy and colorist Brad Anderson on art and cover. Every writer has their Joker story, and with Tynion IV’s time on the book only a brief run, he’s was always going to get to his Joker epic quickly. And that’s fine with me. All leading up to an explosive Batman #100, no doubt.

Detective Comics #1023 cover by Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy and Brad Anderson

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