Kago Shintaro’s ‘Dementia 21’ Returns With Second Volume

by Tito W. James

After delivering an inter-dimensional epic with The Princess of The Never-Ending Castle, Kago Shintaro returns with a new volume of Dementia 21.

Plucky young Yukie Sakai is a home health aide eager to assist her elderly clients. From the twisted mind of Kago comes a flood of outlandish, eerie, darkly comedic tales that strain the bounds of the imagination — and bring Yukie’s strange saga to a close.

I’ve come to adore Kago’s unique stand-alone stories that utilize optical illusions and dark humor. When so many manga looking identical it’s great to see an artist who stands out and pushes the envelope.

Dementia 21 Vol 2 is now available from Fantagraphics Books.

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