A Soldier In Peacetime: ‘Wolverine #1’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
The peace of Krakoa has awakened a more peaceful side to James Howlett, aka Logan, aka Wolverine. However, the black market trade of “pollen,” a drug synthesized from the Krakoan miracle drugs, has given Wolverine and his X-Force a new mission away from Krakoa. Their first lead takes them to Russia and from there, Alaska.

Wolverine #1 cover by Adam Kubert and Matthew Wilson
Wolverine #1 cover by Adam Kubert and Matthew Wilson

In the backup story, Omega Red arrives on Krakoa. Wolverine doesn’t trust that Red has good intentions or that he is reformed. However, Magneto won’t allow Logan to turn Red away. Instead, Erik tasks Logan with discovering why Omega Red arrived badly wounded and bleeding and to get Red’s side of the story.
Wolverine #1 finally delivers the return of Logan’s ongoing series. It has been some time since Logan has had his own comic series (no shade to Laura and Gabby’s All-New Wolverine series, which was excellent), and I found myself itching for his return following Return of Wolverine.
Both of the stories in Wolverine #1 share a theme: what does a soldier do with peace time? As a part of the X-Men, Wolverine always had threats on all sides to worry about. On Krakoa, those threats are far away and are often far less imminent. 
In the first story, we see Logan happy and almost softened. He plays hide-and-seek with mutant children, he smiles, and he almost seems relaxed. In the second story, Wolverine seeks out a fight with an old enemy, not even giving that enemy the chance to explain himself or reveal the true threat. 
Of course, there are fights to be had. Krakoa and the mutants aren’t afforded true peace and may never have it. Wolverine and X-Force seek out threats to their very existence in both stories.
Adam Kubert provides the visual work for the first story and Viktor Bogdanovic covers the second. Both artists bring distinct yet complementary work that highlights the grittier aspects of Logan’s world. The action scenes are fantastic and aptly bloody too. Colorists Frank Martin and Matthew Wilson imbue the book with a brilliant and moody color palette.
Wolverine #1 is a welcome return for the Best There Is and his solo title. It delivers two gripping and dark tales that find Logan doing everything he can to maintain the peace on Krakoa. It’s a stellar comic with knockout artwork and it easily earns a recommendation. Give it a read.
Wolverine #1 comes to us from writer Benjamin Percy, artists Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic, color artists Frank Martin and Matthew Wilson, letterer VC’s Cory Petit, cover artist Adam Kubert with Frank Martin, and variant cover artists Alex Ross; Chip Kidd; Jeehyung Lee; Jim Lee with Jason Keith; Rahzzah; R.B. Silva with Marte Gracia; Skottie Young; and Gabrielle Dell’Otto.
Final Score: 9/10

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