Batwoman Faces Another New Threat In A Preview Of The Next Episode

by Erik Amaya

Batwoman is taking yet another break next week. But when it returns, Kate (Ruby Rose) will face a new threat as a woman interested in giving people permanent smiles strolls into Gotham. Will Alice (Rachel Skarsten) try to recruit her before Batwoman or the Crows can get apprehend her?

And, as it happens, it probably is time for Alice to assemble a gang larger than Mouse (Sam Littlefield) and a handful of masked hooligans. Then again, she might be distracted by the search for Mouse and leave this new problem to Kate and the Crows. Granted, neither gets along and Sophie’s (Meagan Tandy) choice to kiss Batwoman only complicates matters.
But in the interest of making things simpler, we cannot wait to see Mary (Nicole Kang) confront Kate about being Batwoman. As we said several episodes ago, Mary should be part of the team alongside Luke (Camrus Johnson) and it is absolutely silly for Kate to keep the secret from her. The show has gone out of its way to present Mary as totally sympathetic to the cause, so it’s not like she’d spill the beans to Jacob (Dougray Scott). And the team scenes with Kate, Luke, and Mary feel very natural in an Arrowverse kind of way. Also, we’re not opposed to the romantic tension between Luke and Mary, even if it amounts to nothing. At the very least, we want these character to feel vital to the show and not part of the grasping-at-straws element Sophie, Jacob, and the Crows often inhabit.
Batwoman airs most Sundays on The CW.

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