Super Sunday (Part 6): The X-Men’s Mojo Steals The Show In ‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Mojo, is looking to expand his reach from his own dimension into Battlerealm. As revealed previously, he would be one of the new characters joining Marvel Contest of Champions this year. He’s hoping to discover the next big talent amongst the roster of heroes and villains in The Contest to showcase for his viewers in the Mojoverse. And he’s willing to join in to do so. His short bio can be found below.

Ladies and gentlemen! Today we’re discussing me, Mojo! The greatest Champion to ever grace The Contest! I’m the ruler and slaver overlord of a cute little place called the Mojoverse. It’s my job to bring nothing but the most entertaining, top-tier, thrilling cinematic content to all my Spineless viewers and followers back home. And if I have to viciously degenerate and destroy a few other D-list characters to do it, even better!

For those interested in recruiting this “Spineless One”, study up on his Champion spotlight to find out his abilities, history, strengths and weaknesses. You can even watch his skills in the ring in the following video.

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