Super Sunday (Part 1): One Knife, One Daughter, Three Parts In ‘She Kills’ Free Comic Launching In April

by James Ferguson

Writer Patrick Meighan and artist Gabo have a blood-soaked treat for you next month with the launch of She Kills. The comic, broken up into a three-part volume, will be available for free on She Kills is not just a badass title. It’s also the name of the main character, a Tongva Native American woman with one knife, one daughter, and zero yu?-ahs to give. It takes us to Los Angeles in a time before Hollywood, Disneyland, or the Dodgers when the town was soaked in blood. She struggles to survive lynch mobs, lawless psychopaths, and her own daughter, Joaquin Dos who’s about to turn 13 and about to learn what kind of person her mother really is. Based on historical events of the indigenous southwest, She Kills lives in a world of violence and evil. Will this drive a wedge between mother and daughter? Or will they survive to maintain this relationship?

Writer Patrick Meighan says:

I actually started researching this project years ago, around the time that my wife had a child. But everything changed when that child reached her teens. The result became She Kills. It’s a story of love and violence… emotional violence between mother and daughter, matched only by the physical violence of their time and place.  That time and place: 1851, in a vicious little town named El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles.  Nowadays we just call it L.A.  Though the story is fiction, it’s based on events that actually happened there, with women and men who actually lived there, conquering and resisting.  Slaughtering and surviving.  Some are still remembered (Andrés Pico, Sheriff James Barton) while others are forgotten (Francisco Ramirez, Maria del Espíritu Santo).  But they were all participants in a cycle of murder and vengeance that made this tiny new town the murder capital of the world… and an altogether terrible place to raise a teenage daughter.

The first part of She Kills drops on April 8th, 2020. Subsequent chapters will be released on May 13th and June 10th.

Artist Gabo added:

As a first-generation Mexican American, when Patrick first approached me to work on this title I was super excited! I always wanted to work on a book that had something to do with my Latino heritage, but hadn’t found the right avenue. She Kills?? is one of the most labor-intensive and rewarding comics I’ve ever worked on, and I’ve learned quite a lot through the process of creating it. I hope those who pick it up enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed drawing it!

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