DC Comics Announce Mariko Tamaki As New Wonder Woman Writer With June’s Issue #759

by Olly MacNamee

Wonder Woman #759 by David Marquez

Not only do we get a new writer on Wonder Woman in Mariko Tamaki, we also get new artist Mikel Janin too. It’s not the only news either as it seems Maxwell Lord makes a drastic comeback too. He’ll also have a pretty big part to play in this year’s Wonder Woman 1984 filmso it’s a no-brainer to include him in Tamaki’s first story-arc.
Breaking the news on The Hollywood Reporter, Mariko confided in them that this was a dream gig:

Writing for comics is pretty much a dream job full stop. It’s pretty fricking cool. Wonder Woman was the hero I grew up with, she was my little-kid-living-room cosplay. I have always wanted a golden lasso and an invisible jet and I feel like now, writing Wonder Woman, I’m one step closer.”

Wonder Woman #759 is out June 10th with Wonder Woman #760 following on June 24th from DC Comics.

Wonder Woman #760 by David Marquez

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