Edinburgh Comic Con Cancels Over Coronavirus Concerns

by Olly MacNamee

Edinburgh Comic Con is another UK comic con that’s cancelled. Due to have taken place April 11th and 12th this adds to a growing number of cancelled, or postponed shows. Here’s their full statement posted earlier today on their Facebook page:
UPDATE: Another favourite event is postponed due to the Corona virus. Apologies to all the fans who regularly attend this show and requested sketches and commissions. I have been tabling at this event since the start and know that this has been a tremendously hard decision to make for organiser, James Lundy. He is a brilliant host and a true comic fan. I am sure he will have something special lined up for later in the year and I would encourage you to support him and the team in their continued work.

Edinburgh Comic Con
Given the current climate with the corona virus, there is no way to articulate the weight we currently carry on our shoulders.
Every decision we have ever made, has been for the good of the community we all belong to. It’s a community who has supported us from our humble beginnings, and who’s support proved it possible to run an internationally attended show in the City.
We’ve faced numerous obstacles, taken financial risks and hits, suffered logistical headaches, while year after year, always managing to grow and improve.
ECC is, and will always remain a locally owned and independent show. It is run by the same fans who you know by name, that have been present from the start, and upon who’s shoulders carry the weight of this decision.
Therefore, even though the current ban on mass gatherings of 500 people may not apply to us, as we don’t require police or ambulance services, we have decided to postpone our show until later in the year. The exact date is currently being discussed with the venue.
This is simply the right thing to do, and although we won’t pretend this won’t come without a substantial cost to ourselves…the show must go on!!!
All purchased attendee tickets and exhibitor tables will be immediately transferred to our new dates. Any purchased photo opportunities or watch party tickets will be fully refunded within the next 24 hours.
No doubt we shall receive a number of enquiries regarding this matter, which we have every intention of responding to. However, we would ask that you be patient while we get to work behind the scenes.
Kind Regards,

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