Action Lab Debuts Digital-First One-Shot, ‘The World’s Strongest’

by James Ferguson

Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales meet the energy of Scott Pilgrim in The World’s Strongest, a new digital-first one-shot now available from Action Lab Entertainment. Written by Juan Ponce, illustrated by Matthew Gallman, and colored by Jon Yuen, the comic features a cover by Beverly Johnson.

Samantha Pierce is the world’s strongest human and only superhero. Known by many as “Black Swan”, she protects the people of Metro City. A day in Samantha’s life is no easy feat; her job takes her for granted and more than ever her family needs her. To makes matters worse, new deadly foes—that are as strong as Samantha—have arrived in Metro city! Like never before the world’s strongest finds herself in a state of fear and uncertainty. Can Samantha overcome her self-doubt and defeat Metro City’s newest threat?

Creator Juan Ponce intends for readers to feel inspired, a little more informed, and perhaps most of all, to be thrilled by The World’s Strongest. Having new young voices in our super heroes is always a good thing, not to mention adding more diversity to the capes and tights community.
The World’s Strongest #1 is currently available digitally through ComiXology.

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