The Umbrella Academy Meets Fine Art In New Prints From Dark Horse

by James Ferguson

You can’t swing a cat without hitting some Umbrella Academy merch lately. Dark Horse Direct has announced its latest offering in fine art prints, this time featuring your new favorite dysfunctional family. This print, measuring at 24”x32”, features Yoshitaka Amano’s interpretation of The Umbrella Academy series from creators Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. It’s limited to only 500 copies.

Gabriel Ba says:

I would never expect someone like Yoshitaka Amano to do a drawing of The Umbrella Academy, but that’s what I love about this comic. The unbelievable surprises.

Amano found inspiration for the piece on a veranda rooftop in Japan last September. He saw a Harvest Moon in the sky that coincided with the Japanese “Fifteen Nights,” the phase of the moon’s path through the sky where the celestial body is perfectly full. That’s when Amano imagined Spaceboy and the rest of The Umbrella Academy bursting through the moonlight falling upon their unsuspecting target.
Gerard Way added:

I’m honored to have Yoshitaka Amano take on our beloved Umbrella Academy characters in his unique and gorgeous way, as only he can do. It’s a dream come true to have such a legend create in our world.

The hand-numbered prints will feature a foiled Yoshitaka Amano signature and sold for $99.99 through They’ll start shipping on March 18th, 2020.

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