A New Super Team Rises In ‘Children Of The Atom #1’ Trailer

by James Ferguson

With Dawn of X shepherding in a new era for mutantkind, it’s about time we got a look at the next generation of X-Men. That’s what will be explored in Children of the Atom, a new series originally set to debut in April from Marvel Comics. The publisher has shared the below trailer featuring writer Vita Ayala and Editor Chris Robinson discussing the title and what to expect from this new group of mutants.

Writer Vita Ayala says:

X-Men was some of my first comics ever, and to be able to play in that universe and also to add to that universe is really a dream come true.

Children of the Atom is illustrated by Bernard Chang. The first issue features a cover by R.B. Silva. I’m a sucker for comics like this, introducing new characters into the greater Marvel Universe. See also Strange Academy. Needless to say, I’m definitely looking forward to this title.

Editor Chris Robinson added:

If you’ve never read an X-Men book before…this is a great place to start off.

Children of the Atom #1 was originally scheduled for release on April 15th, 2020. With Diamond Comic Distributors halting shipments to comic shops in the wake of COVID-19, we’re not sure when we’ll actually see it.

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