Super Sunday (Part 5): Zombies Versus Stoners In ‘The Toking Dead’ #1 Reviewed

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Joe St.Pierre

Now here’s a comic that’s a rather niche read to say the least. One part zombie apocalypse drama, one part comedy romp and another part guide to growing and cultivating cannabis, The Toking Dead #1 is a rather mature read, even if you forget about the cannabis content, of which there is a lot! But, it will certainly appeal to a particular sub-set of comic book readers out there I have no doubt.
It’s a full on swearing, stoned, buddy-movie in comic book form as our two baked buddies have to deal with the outbreak of the walking dead. It’s also a book that starts at the end of this particular story and while the two main chargers are zombified and living in world not too unlike their own daily routine, which entails getting as high and as often as possible, the parallels between zombies and stoners are obvious. And all these guys, Tobi and Duke, want to do is get their deal done with a big time cannabis distribution company and make that green. Both kinds.

While many may write this project off because of it’s content matter, what is of interest is the inclusion of a number of support lines for veterans including the national suicide prevention support line. And while the science on cannabis and it’s supposed medical properties are still in their early stages, clearly the creators of this comic book, Benjamin K. Bartlett III and Jeffrey T. Homan, are on the side of thinking that marijuana is of medicinal help. It’s a theory now supported by a growing number of states in America too.
So, sit back get comfy and enjoy the read, man. After all, it’s 4.20pm somewhere in the world, right? You can grab a copy on their etsy store here.

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