‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ Expansion Pass Brings New Gigantimax Form

by Sage Ashford

The last part of the sudden Nintendo Direct Mini involved more information on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. This trailer offered more information on the Isle of Armor, where players will gain the new Pokemon Kubfu who will tackle one of two areas. Beating these areas will decide how Kubfu behaves after evolving into Urshifu — either he will develop the Single Strike Style or the Rapid Strike Style.
Along the way, players will gain Gigantimax forms for their starters. Each starter will learn a new move upon reaching this new stage. Rillaboom will learn G-Max Drum Solo, while Gigantamax Cinderace will learn G-Max Fireball, and finally Intellion will master G-Max Hydrosnipe.
The Isle of Armor will be available for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield sometime near the end of June.

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