Dark Fantasy Action Hybrid ‘Carmine’ Drops This Week On ComiXology

by James Ferguson

Action Lab: Danger Zone keeps the digital-first titles coming this week with Carmine, a dark fantasy action hybrid comic from writer Colleen Douglas, artist Alvaro Sarraseca, colorist Juanma Aguilera, and letterer Ferran Delgado. It follows the title character in her role in the House of Cochineal, putting her on the edge, staring out into a never-ending abyss of challenges. She could jump or be pushed, based entirely on her strength of will.

Writer Colleen Douglas says:

What sets this story apart is the strong female perspective in the leads, that they can acquire power and use it ruthlessly regardless of gender. They are key to rule, like the Cochineal; female insects they are named after, who produce Carmine, they are the main components of their race. Here the female of the species IS more deadlier.

All five issues of Carmine and the collected edition drop on ComiXology and Amazon Kindle on April 22nd, 2020.

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