Preview: Disco-Era Starman Makes His Debut In ‘1st Issue Special’ #12 On ComiXology

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Joe Kubert

While Scott Snyder brought back the 1980s Starman, Will Payton, during his epic Justice League run (which we now know was the longest running prologue in the history of comics to his upcoming Metal: Death Metal mini-series) there was another Starman before him, and boy was he most definitely a product of the era.
The 1976 Starman, Mikaal Thomas, was the creation of Gerry Conway and Mike Vosburg who’s superhero name, it was later revealed in James Robinson’s critically acclaimed 1990s Starman series, was taken from David Bowie’s song of the same name. Quite appropriate don’t you think for a superhero who looks like he’s just stepped out of Studio 54?
Well, DC Comics are offering up his first appearance over on comiXology day, Tuesday 28th April, where you’ll find the whole series of this quirky but endearing DC Comics’ series which also features appearances by Warlord, Dr Fate, Jack Kirby’s Atlas Untamed and more. Check out today’s offering below:

“Starman.” Pursued by Turran Kha, amiable alien Mikaal Tomas flees to Earth and warns of an impending invasion. The origin and first appearance of the new Starman!

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