Award Winning Game ‘Shop Titans’ Now Available On Steam

by Gary Catig

Shopt Titans
Shop Titans is an award-winning simulation role-playing game that originally came out on mobile devices. Now, Kabam is bringing the title to Steam.
Players can create and open their own fantasy shop. There is a wide-ranging item crafting system and one-on-one negotiation gameplay with customers to receive the best offers and treasure-seeking quests. This is all supported with humorous character-driven banter between your champions and city workers. Assemble a dream team of customizable heroes to explore dungeons, defeat dangerous enemies and gather more precious materials to craft with.
Steam provides an all new gaming experience with enhanced 1080p resolution, flowing 60 frames-per-second gameplay and proper mouse and keyboard support. PC players can team up with people around the world to form guilds and participate in quests and exciting events. There is even real time cross-platform play with mobile devices.
Shop Titans is now available as a free to play download on Steam for PC.

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