‘Swamp Thing’ To Air On The CW Later This Year

by Erik Amaya

In an utterly strange twist of fate, DC Universe’s Swamp Thing is getting a second life on The CW.
Well, a sort of second second life anyway as, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the network will air the existing 10-episode season later this year as part of an initiative to bring WarnerMedia and CBS streaming assets to broadcast. CBS All Access’s Tell Me A Story will also find a terrestrial berth on The CW.
Based on the DC Comics character created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson — though heavily influenced by the comic book run written by Alan Moore — Swamp Thing told the story of Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed), a CDC researcher who returns to her hometown of Marais, Louisiana when it becomes the hot zone for a new viral infection which turns humans into plant matter. She is briefly assisted by Alec Holland (Andy Bean), a former employee of local big shot Avery Sunderland (Will Patton) who is convinced the virus is related to his own research into Sunderland’s work in the nearby swamps. Sunderland has Alec killed, but the chemicals in the swamp seemingly resurrect him as Swamp Thing (Derek Mears). The creature reaches out to Abby and the two attempt to solve the problems in Marais.
If you’ve been a long-time reader of Comicon, you know we loved the show. Reed was a very strong lead and Mears, encased within a shockingly great Swamp Thing costume, did some incredible work as the title character. It also featured an interesting supporting cast, which included — among others — Virginia Madsen as Avery’s grief-stricken wife, Maria, Ian Ziering as a Blue Devil who might have filled John Constantine’s shoes has the series continued, Jeryl Prescot as a criminally underused Madame Xanadu, and Jennifer Beals as Marais’s top cop, Sheriff Lucilia Cable.
Beyond the cast, the show also nailed the feel of Swamp Thing comics and the mood of late 1980s DC horror comics and early-1990s Vertigo comics in general. It also seemed to be leading to some very interesting ideas regards DC’s more mystic characters and Abby’s absent uncle. Sadly, DC Universe pulled the plug after one episode steamed on the platform. Its 13-episode order was also cut short by three episodes, leaving the series finale feeling quite rushed.
It is unclear if the series will be air over the summer alongside Stargirl — which will air on The CW the day after new episodes on DC Universe starting May 19th — or fill a gap in the early part of the fall should productions like The Flash and Dynasty not get the all-clear to resume work over the summer. Nevertheless, we hope Swamp Thing will become something of a darling on broadcast and, perhaps, get Mears and Reed work on HBO Max’s Justice League Dark.

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