Best Of British: Department Of The Peculiar…Goes Pop Part 2 – Kickstarting Now

by Richard Bruton

Catching up with the second issue of Department of the Peculiar, that special British mix of the absurd and the supernatural… and yes, it’s all the first issue was and more. Strange and silly superhero types to the rescue!

We’re back with the DOTP, headed up by their magnificently obnoxious boss, Lisa Cole. The Department are kept around by the British government to deal with the more surreal and weird cases that turn up.
And their latest is dealing with the threat of Gavin Leech, manager of truly awful rock band called Areshole, who’s discovered that he’s capable of turning his no-hopers into superstars full of talent. Trouble is, that talent has to come from somewhere.
Last issue… well there was a big problem… which is why we open like this…

Now, there’s no way to really go over the whole plot here without revealing some of the great fun that Hirst and Wells are having with their wonderfully daft cast of characters. Suffice it to say we’re dealing with the staggering outcome of the end of issue 1 here. But you’ll also get to see the super secret origin of Lisa Cole…

Although even here she still manages to get the hump…

You’ll also see the team fall apart in the aftermath of the bizarre body issues Lisa’s undergoing, before being brought back into line by the least likely suspect…

And then there’s the guest appearance by these two old geezers…

Lots of stuff going on, multiple characters, storylines jumping back and forth, secret origins, rock and roll excess… yet Hirst’s writing is tight and clever, pulling everything together in fine old style to bring things to an ever-so satisfactory and silly end. And in Wells, we have a cartoonist really finding his flow so well, his clean and clear art delivers character and funny with ease.
Yes, Department of the Peculiar… Goes Pop started so well and with this second and final issue (for this storyline) it definitely nails the landing.
As with the first issue, this was originally done as a Kickstarter campaign, and by the time I got to putting this up they’d already hit the target and more. But head over and pledge anyway to let them open up some stretch goals.

Department of the Peculiar … Goes POP! Issue 2 (of 2) by Rol Hirst and Rob Wells. Follow on Twitter at @DotPeculiar@RolHirst@RobertDWells. Get the comic at Rob Wells‘ website.
(And again, go and read Wells’ excruciatingly personal memoir of embarrassing illness, Back, Sack, Crack, And Brain.)
And finally, a little bonus Keeef and Ronnie….

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