A Long-Teased Speedster Will Clash With The Flash In Season 6

by Erik Amaya

It is almost time for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) to take on another speedster villain.
Since he fought the future version of himself known as Savitar in Season 3, The Flash has steered away from speedster villains to ranging amount of success. Season 4’s big bad The Thinker was an interesting villain, and despite a drawn out season-long arc, the conclusion to his story was completely satisfying. Season 5 big bad Cicada lack the heft to sustain a season’s worth of story despite the presence of Chris Klein. Granted, the big bad wasn’t really the point as that season was entirely about Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and the way the show’s original speedster villain, the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh), manipulated her to save his life.
Although, one suspects the late-season appearances by the Reverse-Flash were, at least in part, meant to patch over the failings of Cicada as the villain.
Season 6 attempted two stories centered on Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and a new Mirror Master (Efrat Dor) — also to varying degrees of success. The former had the momentum of the upcoming crossover to keep things on schedule while the latter tale meandered as The Flash tends to do in the Spring months.
But according to TVLine, it is possible a speedster will change the show’s fortunes as Godspeed — a character glimpsed in a handful of episodes — will make his for-real, proper debut. “That’s where we’re going!” showrunner Eric Wallace told the site. He did not specify if Godspeed will one of the major antagonists of the season, but if the show were to further divide its major plots into thirds, he’d make an excellent follow-up to the Mirror Master story. Well, provided whatever Reverse-Flash story Season 6 seemed to teased gets pulled back to the later part of next year.
According to The CW’s own description of the new season, Barry defeat of the Mirror Master will “unleash an even more powerful and devastating threat on Central City: one that threatens to tear his team — and his marriage — apart.” So it seems that part of the story goes on. Man, it would be nice to see Team Flash and the West-Allens get along for a little bit, wouldn’t it?
The Flash returns to The CW in 2021.

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