Preview: Thor Raises Hel In ‘Ragnarök: The Breaking Of Helheim’ #5

by Olly MacNamee

One of the greatest pleasures as a comic book fan is to know that Walt Simonson is still producing comics. And, his latest, Ragnarök: The Breaking Of Helheim #5, comes out today, Wednesday 3rd June, in comic book stores and online. If you’ve read any of the Ragnarök mini-series you’ll know that this ain’t the Thor you’re used to. Far from it, as this God of Thunder continues to explore a post-apocalyptic landscape with his magical squirrel friend. Check out the preview below.

In the uttermost depths of Helheim, Thor and Ratatosk reach their goal and discover the fate of the ruler of the dead, Hel herself. She offers a bargain to the God of Thunder, but is any bargain with the daughter of Loki worth the price? And Ratatosk makes a discovery that threatens to break all bargains, something hidden in Helheim that even Hel herself fears.

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