Preview: ‘Justice League Odyssey’ #21 And Darkseid Takes On Epoch For The Fate Of Apokolips

by Olly MacNamee

The space-faring arm of the Justice League continue to face up to Darkseid in Justice League Odyssey #21 from Dan Abnett, Will Conrad and Rain Beredo with a cover by LADRÖNN, who’s looking to take down Epoch by stealth, with Apokolips at stake. Out Tuesday 9th June from DC Comics.

After failing to neutralize Epoch by stealth attack, Darkseid launches an all-out strike! Cyborg, still under Darkseid’s control, shows where his loyalty lies when Green Lantern Jessica Cruz learns about the Lord of Apokolips’s plan to not only remove the self-proclaimed Master of Time but also take control of Epoch’s technology and obliterate the universe’s biggest threats!

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