New Bat-Family Variant Covers To Feature The New Faces And New Foes Of Gotham City

by Olly MacNamee

With Batman #92 out this week and a number of Bat-family titles building towards the forthcoming ‘Joker War’ storyline, DC Comics have decided to turn some of Jorge Jimenez’s prelimenary character designs into variant covers. While all the press coverage has focussed its attention on Punchline, there’s the Designer as well as more new faces, and new foes coming to Gotham City such as the Underbroker, Clownhunter and some familiar faces too. These variants will be available to stores on a 1:25 basis, with the flowing titles featuring the following characters on card stock covers:

  • Batman #92—Punchline
  • Batman #93—the Designer
  • Batman #94—the Underbroker
  • Batman #95—The Joker
  • Batman #96—Clownhunter
  • Batman #97—Harley Quinn
  • Batman #98—Catwoman
  • Batman #99—Nightwing
  • Batman #100—to be revealed!

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