Super Sunday (Part 2): The Suicide Squad Is Gunning For The Scarlet Speedster In ‘The Flash Annual’ #3

by Olly MacNamee

The fastest man alive goes up against the Suicide Squad, but for what reason? We have your preview of The Flash Annual #3, out Tuesday 16 June from writer Joshua Williamson, pencils by Carlo Pagulayan, Brandon Peterson and Stephen Segovia with inks from Jason Paz,and colors by Hi-Fi, but don’t expect to be any clearer on why Task Fore X may have the Flash in their sights.

From the pages of Suicide Squad, Task Force X and Captain Boomerang are on the loose, and the Flash is in hot pursuit! But is he really the hunter – or the hunted? Barry Allen may be the Scarlet Speedster, but at the end of this crossover issue, will he still be the Fastest Man Alive?

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