Red Jack, The SeX-Men, And More In New ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 2 Trailer

by Erik Amaya

DC Entertainment has released a new extended trailer for the upcoming season of Doom Patrol. And it offers just a little bit more about the year’s storyline and some of the antagonists the group will face. Oh, also, because you demanded it, Danny The Street returns with a rocking party where a robot does The Robot.

Despite cheating death for nearly a century, the Chief (Timothy Dalton) is dying and he wants the Doom Patrol to look after his daughter Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro), whose abilities include unleashing a powerful destructive force upon the Earth. Cliff (Brendan Fraser) is less than thrilled about the idea while Rita (April Bowlby) has a more nuanced reaction.
Meanwhile, Jane’s (Diane Guerrero) personas are becoming tougher to control, the SeX Men invade Danny’s party and the Chief accepts a dinner invitation from Red Jack. It’s the sort of thing you want Doom Patrol to be. And, luckily, the show is more than happy to provide that anarchic, surreal tone. And as the first three episodes of the season will be available at launch, there will be plenty of Doom Patrol to discuss next week.
Doom Patrol returns June 25th on DC Universe and HBO Max.

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