Super Sunday (Part 3): ‘Books Of Magic’ #20 And A Summer Festival With A Difference

by Olly MacNamee

Books of Magic #20 is the second part of a two part tale from David Barnett, Tom Fowler, Craig Taillefer and Marissa Louise that sees our young magician embark on a summer festival of a very magical nature with his new friend who’s more than up for a party! But, party forever at the kooky Festival they find themselves trapped in? You can have too much of a good thing, as anyone who’s spent a ween at a summer music festival can attest. I’m god I’m not in Danny’s shoes.
“If Tim and his newfound crush wish to escape the pan-dimensional pandemonium of Festival, they’re going to have to reckon with the man who’s trying to turn it to his own purposes-and heal a psychic wound that was inflicted before Tim was even born!”

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