Preview: ‘Ash & Thorn’ #1 Introduces Readers To Demon Fighting Octogenarians In This New Comedy Horror

by Olly MacNamee

Ash & Thorn #1 comes out this Wedesnady 24th June from Ahoy Comics, Mariah McCourt, Soo Lee and Jill Thompson (on covers). Murder She Wrote meets H P Loveccraft, ad we have a preview of this comedy horror ahead of an exclusive interview with writer and co-creators Mariah McCourt tomorrow. See you then, but for now enjoy this preview of the debut issue.
The apocalypse is nigh! The world needs a Champion, and the only heir to a sacred mystical lineage is…a little old lady? Meet Lottie Thorn, reluctant savior of the world, and her also-elderly trainer Lady Peruvia Ashlington-Voss. They might not look it, but these women are prepared to take on any Big Bad that comes along. But first, perhaps a nice cup of tea?  Every AHOY comic also features extra prose stories and illustrations.

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