Something For The Weekend: Popular Post And A Chance To Watch Oscar-Winning Short ‘Hair Love’ One More Time

by Olly MacNamee

Welcome to your weekend with a selection of post from throughout the last week all in one place. As ever, here’s your ten to take away:

  1. Something of a regular on our ten-to-takeaway list is Richard Bruton’s preview of the galaxy’s greatest comic, 2000AD, landing ever Monday afternoon with the past week’s available here.
  2. Another regular feature welcomed back after the shortest of break’s is Ben Martin’s ‘Franchise Expansion (Or Implosion)’ with last Saturday’s column taking a look back at this parody of the Bond brand in Casino Royale from 1967 and not the recent ada[tion of the original novel. There seems to be an awful to of Jams Bond fans out there.
  3. With DC Comics still dominating the book shelves of any comic book stores open, it’s no surprise people were keen to catch up with some previews of new comics we posted as part of our Super Sunday schedule. And, as a fan of this book myself, it’s good to see people keen to grab a sneak peek at Young Justice #16 (here).
  4. Justice League #48 was another popular book with fans, with a preview available to look at here.
  5. Sticking with comics – or rather comic book adaptions – and the news of The Sandman’s imminent launch as an Audible audio-drama, along with a competition that will see winning entries’ dreams illustrated by comicdom’s finest, really got your interest. If you want to know more about the competition check out more details here.
  6. Another adaption, this time from tabletop games into comics, as Vault Comics base their newest book on the RPG Vampire: The Masquerade. Read more here.
  7. On the crowdfunding front – a genuine alternative to publishing for many these days – we spotlighted Cullen Bunn, Jimmy Z Johnston, and Federico de Luca Kickstarter for Democritus Brand and the Endless Machine  here.
  8. Moving away from comic book news and Gary Catig brought news, this past week, of a StoneAge update for this popular mobile MMORPG game.
  9. YouTube studio, studio A Filthy Lot, expand with new series ‘Drawn & Cornered’, hosted byN.A. Razzak and interview a comic book artist as they draw. Here’s more on this expansion now.
  10. Finally for this weekend, we leave on another high note today, with another non-comics related piece we ran informing you all about a spin-off animation of the Oscar winning short, Hair Love, for HBO Max here. And, we leave you with this heart-warming, feel-good Disney-esque cartoon by Matthew A. Cherry, guaranteed to put as simile on your face.

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