First Look: Keanu Reeves Will Be Writing and Starring In His Own Comic Called ‘BRZRKR’ From BOOM! Studios

by Tito W. James

Back before John Wick became a pop-culture phenomenon actor Keanu Reeves expressed in interest in doing two new projects. One would be a romantic-comedy-musical and the other would be an envelope-pushing gore filled action movie called “Berserker.”

Keanu will finally get to tell his story in the form of BRZRKR a twelve-issue series co-written by Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT), illustrated by Alessandro Vitti (Secret Warriors) and published by Boom Studios. The story is about a demigod who’s been in countless wars through time and currently goes on secret missions for the US government. This is basically like Keanu Reeves staring as ancient warrior Deadpool. There’s a high possibility of a film adaptation. Here’s hoping that BRZRKR delivers a blood-soaked thrill-ride!

Look for BRZRKR #1 at your local comic book shop October 7th from BOOM! Studios.

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