Discover The Real Life Hardcore Lady-Types In ‘The Encyclopedia Lumberjanica’ First Look

by James Ferguson

This September sees the release of The Encyclopedia Lumberjanica: An Illustrated Guide to the Hardcore Lady-Types of Lumberjanes from BOOM! Studios. Written by Susan Coiner-Collier and illustrated by Kaiti Infante, Alexia Khodanian, Julia Madrigal, and Kanesha C. Bryant, the book explores the lives of the lady-types that the Lumberjanes look to as role models along with fun facts and humorous insights from the campers themselves. Check out an early preview below.

The Encyclopedia Lumberjanica looks at those in the arts, sciences, and politices along with groundbreakers and the generally rad. Figures featured include Juliette Gordon Low, Bell Hooks, Ching Shih, Mary Anning, and more. It’s ideal for teachers, caregivers, and any Lumberjane fan.
The Encyclopedia Lumberjanica is set for release on September 9th, 2020.

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