Comic-Con@Home: ‘The New Mutants’ Promises An August Release (Fingers Crossed)

by Erik Amaya

New Mutants is owning its history of missed release dates. In the opening moments of the film’s Comic-Con@Home presentation, a brief video listed all of the days it was supposed to come out before recommitting to the current August 28th date. Of course, that comes with a “fingers crossed” caveat as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to postpone all theatrical releases.
But it seems 20th Century Studios is committing some resources to the film, as it paid for character specific hashtag emojis on Twitters and some posters for a special giveaway. Both items came as a surprise to the assembled cast — which included Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga, and Alice Braga — and director Josh Boone. The interest in a film delayed over two years also surprised them.
“Every three months, we get a new wave of ‘this is the time!” said Zaga.
“People take every frame of the trailers and try to assemble the movie,” added Boone.
The film is based on “The Demon Bear Saga” by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, in which Daniel Moonstar’s fears manifest as an ancient, evil bear. “The lockdown has amped up the level of interest,” said Sienkiewicz, who joined the briefly joined the group. In the film version, the characters find themselves in an asylum when the Demon Bear makes its fateful appearance.
“It looked so different from any comic I read,” Boone said. “It was the merging of all those genres into something different.”
Boone offered the opening scene of the film as a treat for “the most patient fans.” It features the amended 20th Century Studios logo, the old Marvel Entertainment logo, and a narration concerning “the two bears.” Soon, a young Danielle Moonstar (Hunt) is running for her life. In the distance, we can hear her father attacked by the Demon Bear. She wakes up in the asylum, where she meets the other mutants in crisis. A montage of new footage also teases a confrontation between the Bear and Magik (Talyor-Joy) and, to be honest, the strongest suggestion that The New Mutants was worth waiting for. It actually looks accomplished, and though it may be the final button on the old X-Men series, we certainly hope the full film will prove to be as interesting as the story of its on-going delays.
The New Mutants is set for release on August 28th (for now).

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