Comic-Con@Home: Donny Cates Reveals His New Series, ‘Crossover’ With A Special Sneak Peek

by Olly MacNamee

San Diego Comic Con may have gone online this year, but it hasn’t last any of its pristine for big announcements with Donny Cates revealing his new Image Comics’ series Crossover, with Geoff Shaw, John J. Hill and Dee Cunliffe during the ‘Image Comics Spotlight’ panel yesterday. A book that breaks with tropes and tradition in a way never explored before in comics. You can watch the full panel here:
You can watch the full panel here:

Well, Image Comics have followed up that announcements with a sneak peek at art for the series, and I imagine you’ll be happy to take a gander at below and gives you a good glimpse at the intended tone and narrative of this series. Enjoy!
“What if a comic book summer event generated so much energy, broke down so many barriers, and upended so many expectations that the sheer critical mass of the moment blew open a portal into our world? Imagine if everything you thought was fantasy…was real. Now join us on an epic quest through a world where reality is dead… and anything is possible…” 

Crossover #1 will be coming to comic book shops this November 2020 from Image Comics

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