Comic-Con@Home: A Cyber Evening With Kevin Smith

by Ben Martin

I’m not ashamed to admit that I might be one of the world’s biggest fans of Kevin Smith. Granted, I love some things he’s done more than others. But, what I dig most about Kevin is his enthusiasm for life, creativity, and his fanbase. Over the past nine years, I’ve had the pleasure of attending seven Evening with Kevin Smith, one-man shows in which Smith has either been hosting Q&As or combining them with the presentations of one of his movies. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting and speaking briefly to the guy. Frankly, Smith is one of my heroes, and I’m incredibly thankful to have that pleasure of making his acquaintance. More importantly, I’ve never seen the man be anything gracious to myself and other fans. With all that in mind, it should be no surprise that I was keen to cover Comic-Con@Home’s Evening with Kevin Smith 

Smith launches into his panel by recapping the latter half of 2019 and early 2020 and his time on the road, touring Jay & Silent Bob Reboot (2019). Following that, Smith catches us up on all his current projects. First-up the online offerings: the short-form comedy series Son-in-Lockdown; his online subscription service, @ThatKevinSmith Club, which offers a massive podcast and video archive; his newest free podcast, Vegan Abattoir, co-hosted by Harley Quinn Smith

Besides the digital world, Smith knows that we’re all collectors who appreciate tangible goods. Hence, some tangible experiences for the Kevin Smith fan: the most timely of them being the Iron Bob Funko POP. This figure is currently a SDCC 2020 Exclusive, but will soon be available through F.Y.E. and Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. Beyond that, if you really dig Iron Bob, statues and busts designed by Robert Kurtzman are also available via Kurtzman’s official website if you’re willing to drop some dough. Now, while all these things are groovy, you frankly already most-likely know about them if you follow Smith online. The real highlights of the evening are the two projects Smith has coming down the pike!

First-and-foremost, Smith drops some major news on the highly-anticipated Masters of the Universe: Revolution! Smith serves as showrunner on this animated series, which is a co-production of Netflix and Mattel. Much to my pleasure, Smith revealed that this series is indeed a sequel to the original Saturday morning cartoon. While I’m admittedly just a casual fan of the OG MoU, I cannot wait for Masters of the Universe: Revolution, which is expected to drop sometime next year. 

Secondly, Smith revealed what his next film will be a horror flick entitled Kilroy was Here, which is currently in post-production. According to Smith, the movie is about an avenger of children who’ve been harmed. To expand on that premise, Smith gives a real taste by dropping a trailer for the film. Upon seeing this trailer, I think Kilroy was Here could be a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to it. In closing, Smith also reminds the audience that he’s still working on Twilight of the Mallrats as well. I think even the most casual fan of Smith will enjoy this panel. The only downside was having to endure those grating beeps used to censor Kevin’s penchant for cursing.

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