‘Batman: Death In The Family’ Trailer Asks You To Choose Jason Todd’s Fate

by Erik Amaya

A DC project is once again asking you to choose Jason Todd’s fate.
In a scheme pulled direct from the comic books, the upcoming DC Animated short Batman: A Death in the Family follows the story of the very same Batman and Detective Comics storyline in which Batman and Robin Jason Todd track the Joker to one of his odder schemes and Jason ends up, well, dead.
Back in 1988, the story made headlines as DC Comics opened a 1-800 number and let the fans decide Jason’s fate. Now, in 2020, seamless branching technology allows you to chose what becomes of Jason in the short. Will he die only to be resurrected as the Red Hood? Will Tim Drake replace him, but fall prey to Two-Face schemes? Will Jason actually end up as Hush? It is all in your hands … er, or your remote control.
The short anchors a new release of DC’s recent DC Showcase short films, all of which are top notch and offer windows into ideas and character that, sadly, cannot carry a full feature on their own. These include Sgt. Rock, Death, Adam Strange, and The Phantom Stranger. The Blu-ray release will also feature audio commentaries on some of the shorts and the so-called “linear” version of A Death in the Family.
Sadly, the interactivity will not be included in the digital release. Instead, three pre-edited versions of the short’s outcomes will be presented as three different short films. So, just this once, it might be worth getting the Blu-ray.
DC Showcase — Batman: A Death in the Family hits Blu-ray and Digital on October 13th.

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