DC Comics Announce Two New ‘Tales from the Dark Multiverse’ One-Shots Coming This November

by Olly MacNamee

Those Tales from the Dark Multiverse series of one-shots that DC Comics put out last year must have sold well, as they have just announced two new tales from this dark dimension.

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman – Hush #1 poses the question: What if Tommy had ruined Bruce Wayne’s life when they were children? Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Dexter Soy, look out for the one Tuesday November 3rd.
“Tommy Elliot grew up to be the Dark Prince of Gotham City with help of Talia al Ghul, Oswald Cobblepot, Harvey Dent, and Jason Todd! But vengeance is coming in the form of Batman the Silenced…who will tear Tommy’s life apart! Written by rising star Phillip Kennedy Johnson (The Last God) with jaw-dropping artwork from Dexter Soy (Batman and the Outsiders)!”

The second one-shot is Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Flashpoint #1 coming November 17th and written and illustrated by comic book legend Bryan Hitch.
“Spinning out of the events of a world where a single choice by the Flash effected the entire DC Universe, find out what would have happened if Barry Allen had not put things right. If a world where the Flashpoint reality was never undone, where Thomas Wayne still haunts Gotham City as the Batman, and the Amazonian and Atlantean armies still prepare for war, will the Reverse Flash embrace this darker more deadly world and finally eclipse Barry Allen’s legacy?”
As well as this announcement we also get a first look at some of the art as well as the return of Tempus Fuginaut from Flash Forward.


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