‘StoneAge World’ Summer Update Brings New Pets, Region, And Events

by Gary Catig

StoneAge World recently received its next update, bringing more new additions players of the popular pet-collection RPG can enjoy. They can participate in recently introduced PvE content, achieve higher training levels, and explore a whole new region.
This new “Defeat Mino” update also provides a brand-new family of pets, the Minos. Players at level 90 and above can earn the creatures’ Soulstones as well as XP and stones. To help make things easier, the level cap has been increased from 109 to 114.
The Quarry region has also opened up, in which trainers can capture pets from the new Manmo family. These creatures resemble the prehistoric woolly mammoths. There are even chances to win four-star S-Rank pets with limitless capture.
Other features include:
New Pets – Mino family pets including Mino, Bino, Kino, Boro, Redino and Mecha Tayno as well as Tayno are now available for Trainers to collect.
New Events

  • Mino Ticket Event – Collect tickets to acquire Trainer’s Rope, Stones and Cans of Skill according to the overall Defeat Mino participation from players.
  • Mino Growth Event – Depending on the various growth of Mino such as level, training, skill and battle power, many rewards such as Meat, Pet Coin and Modification Stone are given. Player can get ‘Legendary-Heroic’ Amulet, if a player completes all the missions.
  • Woody’s Dice Adventure – Players who complete missions will also receive a dice every day, which can be exchanged for great rewards.

StoneAge World is currently available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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