Super Sunday (Part 5): ‘Catwoman’ #24 Finds She’s Been Rumbled In The Jungle

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by Seam Murphy

Written by Sean Murphy, Blake Northcott with art by Cian Torme and colours by FCO Plascencia, Catwoman #24 has Selina Kyle caught up in big trouble and pinned down in this preview; showing you that there’s always something bigger than you, especially in a jungle!
“The cat’s out of the bag! Everyone at Snowflame’s auction is there for the same thing: the list. But what is the market value of a list containing all the intel the world’s greatest crime-fighters have on super-villains? And who exactly is on the list? You’ll have to ask Catwoman to find out.”
Catwoman #24 is out Tuesday 18th August from DC Comics.

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