Scout Comics Announces Retail Horror Series ‘Black Friday’ For February 2020

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics announced a new retail horror series Black Friday. Written by Jon Clark, with art by Travis Williamson and letters by April Brown, Black Friday will hit comic book store shelves in February 2021. A special ashcan preview will be available on… wait for it… Black Friday 2020. 

Pent up negative energy has been building up in the local superstore, Star-Mart, from yearly, monthly and daily “deplorable” things that happen there. Javier and a few other unlucky employees are cleaning the aftermath of a particularly awful Black Friday, when Ceci discovers a trail of blood that leads directly into the toy aisle. Beneath it, they discover what appears to be a sheet of glass inlaid in the floor, and numerous freakishly large dead humanoid-like bodies — only, they aren’t dead. They’re alive and begin to break free and attack the workers with a vicious hunger. Javier and his coworkers must battle their way through the store to survive and uncover the real, even more sinister reason why the creatures are here.’

Jon Clark says: 

There’s a demon infestation in Star-Mart, and it isn’t that day’s crazy shoppers, this has been building, waiting, and about to pounce on them in an onslaught of nonstop pure evil. Can anyone survive the day that puts them all in the black?  

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