‘ArkWorld: Volume 1’ Sells Out On Day Of Release; 2nd Printing Coming

by James Ferguson

ArkWorld, the “Archeopunk” sci-fi series from Devil’s Due Comics has sold out of its first volume the day of release. Written by Josh Blaylock and illustrated by Travis Hymel, the 48-page prestige format debut is being rushed back to print with a new cover variation of the original first printing Daniel Leister cover, due out in November.

What if civilization didn’t begin six thousand years ago, but what simply being reset after a massive, global catastrophe thousands of years earlier? That’s the premise of ArkWorld. The first volume introduces us to a couple who abruptly find themselves swept up in a deep state conspiracy that threatens the entire planet. The thing is, the year is 11,000 BCE and the world is nothing like what we have been told. These two people don’t know the role they will play in the survival of society’s knowledge in the years to come.
You can check out a free preview of ArkWorld at ArcheoPunk.com.

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