Super Sunday (Part 5): Contemporary Urban Horror ‘Crescent City Monsters Vol. 1’

by Olly MacNamee

Our final Kickstarter campaign for this afternoon is for Crescent City Monsters Vol. 1 by writer Newton Lilavois and artist Gian Carlo Bernal. With an art style that reminded me of Brian Bolland and Jerome Opeña, this contemporary fantasy/horror graphic novel sets its supernatural action in the black neighbourhoods of 1960s New Orleans. If you’ve been enjoying Lovecraft Country, then this one’s for you.
“Crescent City Monsters starts in 1963 with Jonas Atelus, a sorcerer who is deeply seated in the New Orleans supernatural world. Unknown to Jonas, a mysterious being puts a bounty on his head. Jonas is also an aspiring blues musician and on the night of his band’s first paying gig, the monsters of Crescent City attack Jonas to collect the bounty.” 

Currently putting together the fourth issue – ahead of this proposed collected edition – you can find out more about this campaign here.

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