‘Batman: Black And White’ Returns This December From DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Cover by J.H. Williams

Wow, it’s hard to believe Batman: Black and White was first published in 1996. A seminal series then, with follow ups since, and an all-new series announced for December from DC Comics. Nice!

On Tuesday December 8, Batman: Black and White returns as a six-issue prestige format series with a brand-new slate of comics’ most exciting and innovative storytellers to explore the Batman mythos in stark black and white!

As for those involved, it reads like a Who’s Who of comic book’s best and brightest. And, in such digestible short one-off stories it’s a format that guarantees some big names who can easily commit to such a small workload without having to commit to an ongoing series. It’s also a format DC Comics have been toying around with over on their DC Digital First service with Harley Quinn: Back + White + Red. But, also a book that has provided some of the best one-off tales of the Dark Knight ever told in comics, so this new series has a lot to live up to.
Here’s that list of contributors now:

  • Paul Dini & Andy Kubert
  • Tim Seeley & Kelley Jones
  • Emma Rios
  • John Arcudi & James Harren
  • Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko
  • JH Williams III
  • Tom King & Mitch Gerads
  • G. Willow Wilson & Greg Smallwood
  • Sophie Campbell
  • David Aja
  • Dustin Weaver
  • Bilquis Evely
  • Joshua Williamson & Riley Rossmo
  • James Tynion IV & Tradd Moore
  • Lee Weeks
  • Chip Zdarsky & Nick Bradshaw
  • And many more!

We leave you with  a selection of art from this forthcoming series to get you as pumped as I am for this anthology series’ return.
Batman: Black and White #1 will be available on Tuesday, December 8th from DC Comics

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