‘Shop Titans’ Holds First Community Crafting Event, The King’s Caprice

by Gary Catig

Shop Titans is an award-winning mobile simulation role playing game from Kabam. Players construct and run their very own fantasy shop by creating items using an elaborate crafting system. They rely on the innovative bartering gameplay to try to obtain the best prices for your goods. When not making items, they can go on treasure seeking quests with a team of customizable heroes.
This month, Shop Titans will have its first ever community event that promotes the crafting aspect of the game over the combat. Shopkeepers of the same guild must collaborate to make the best items or item groups to obtain the unique currency, Antique Shards. The shards can then be used to purchase long sought seasonal, holiday and premium items including blueprints, decorations, walls/floors and avatar customization options.
The King’s Caprice event gives players another opportunity to obtain previously limited items. It runs now until September 17.

Shop Titans can be downloaded now through the App Store, Google Play and Steam.

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