‘Marvel 616’ To Premiere November 20th On Disney+

by Erik Amaya

While it’s still unclear when WandaVision will debut, Marvel 616 has a definite premiere date: November 20th.
The documentary series features people like Gillian Jacobs and Paul Scheer exploring more niche elements of Marvel’s extensive library. As the pair outlined during their Comic-Con@Home panel, Jacobs’ episode looks at the women of Marvel; including creators like Louise Simonson and characters like Kamala Kahn. Jacobs’ said at the time that making the documentary was really her way into the Marvel experience as she learned about lesser-known stories in the company history. Scheer’s episode, meanwhile, goes really niche with a look at goofier characters like Dr. Druid. The episode will certainly be poignant though, as Scheer also examines how Black Panther went from the C-list to a marquee hero.
As it happens, we think the Disney+ behind-the-scenes programs have been some of the service’s best shows. Sure, some may be a little too reverent of the company, but shows like The Imagineering Story and Prop Culture still offer intriguing stories. To see Marvel get that sort of examination will, at the very least, be quite entertaining.
(h/t: Slashfilm)

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