UDON Entertainment Launches New Capcom Sketchbook

by James Ferguson

Get a look at some original artwork featuring your favorite fighters and monster hunters in UDON X Capcom Sketchbook Beta. UDON Entertainment has released a new collection of convention sketches, rough drafts, original line art, and character designs produced by the talented artists of the studio and friends. These include pencil art, markets, and digital, all showing the energy and skill that goes into each piece.

The book features two connecting covers by Omar Dogan with Cammy on cover A and Felicia on cover B locked in a different form of combat. There’s also a cover by Rob “Robaato” Porter featuring Morrigan limited to only 150 copies. This has a virgin flip cover showcasing the same artwork on the back cover with no logo or text elements.
The UDON X Capcom Sketchbook Beta is available exclusively through UDONStore.com.

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