IDW Announce ‘Marvel Action: Origins’ For Middle Grade Readers

by Olly MacNamee

IDW have been publish Middle Grade comic books based on Marvel’s characters for quite some time now and they build on this programme with new series Marvel Adventures: Origins. Written by Christopher Eliopoulos (Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius) and illustrated by Lanna Souvanny, the first monthly issue will debut in December.
“In Marvel Action: Origins #1, experience the earliest adventures of everyone’s favorite teenage webhead and Mad Titan! Discover how a science exhibit and a radioactive bite changed Peter Parker into Spider-Man, and what dark motivations set the Avengers’ most dangerous enemy, Thanos, on his path of universal conquest. Subsequent issues will focus on the Hulk, Ghost-Spider, Venom, and more!”
I suppose for young readers there is always someone new out there who doesn’t know Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, and those are the kind of kids this book is clearly aimed at, as editor Elizabeth Brei. elaborates upon:
“We’re delighted to bring some of the most famous stories in comic history — the origins of heroes and villains — to the page for kids to revisit or hear for the first time. It’s really fun to hook a new generation of comic fans on super hero stories!”
Catch Marvel Action: Origins #1 this December from IDW.

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