‘Savage Dragon’ #252 Gets A Second Printing And New Fun Homage Cover

by Olly MacNamee

Some comics sell out because of a certain buzz about them. Others sell out because of pure quality. But, it’s not often a regular comic that goes under the radar sells out like Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon #252 did. And by that I mean it wasn’t an anniversary edition or anything like that, but a great standalone comic that poked fun at the Sunday ‘Funnies’ of yesteryear. A comic sensationally snatched up by discerning comic book fans and on its way for a second printing. And a new homage cover to boot.

Taking loving shots at such comic strip classics as Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes and Charles Schultz’s Peanuts, this issue is packed full of such parodies and well worth picking up, even if you’re not a regular Savage Dragon readers.

The new printing of Savage Dragon #252 will be out on Wednesday, October 28th from Image Comics.

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