King In Black: A Mysterious New Hero Rises in ‘Return Of The Valkyries’ #1

by Tony Thornley

King In Black continues its new reign across the Marvel Universe as yet another recently ended series gets a second chance in this new event in King In Black: Return Of The Valkyries #1. As Marvel revealed, Jane Foster and Dani Moonstar are about to be joined by a mysterious new figure.

Cover by Phil Noto

When Return of the Valkyries was announced last week, the small team was introduced as Jane Foster, Dani Moonster, the Asgardian warrior Hildgrande… and a mysterious new character.  Thanks to a newly revealed variant cover by Phil Noto, we’ve got a closer look at the character as designed by Mattia De Iulis.

“When [editor] Wil Moss asked me to create a new design for a Valkyrie, I didn’t believe him!” De Iulis said. “I’m so excited about this because it is my first experience in this field and I’m really honored to work on this amazing and powerful character!”

Concept art by Mattia De Iulis

Though her design recalls Valkyrie as played by Tessa Thompson in Thor: Ragnarok, she’s clearly a very different Valkyrie. That’s evident in the story as well, as the solicitation hints that she is carrying some sort of secret that will change the Valkyries and more.

Concept art by Mattia De Iulis

Learn more about this mysterious new Valkyrie when King In Black: Return Of The Valkyries by Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk, and Nina Vakueva kicks off with its first issue in January!

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