The CW Offers First Look At Batwoman’s New Look

by Erik Amaya

Back at last month’s DC FanDome event, new Batwoman star Javicia Leslie and showrunner Caroline Dries revealed the new woman under the cowl, Ryan Wilder, would use Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) suit for a time before making some adjustments to make it her own. A photo of Leslie in the old suit surfaced soon after. But today, The CW finally unveiled Wilder’s changes to the suit.

The most notable change appears to be the use of Wilder’s own hair in lieu of the unnatural red wig. It immediately makes the cowl look better — it always seemed an odd fit on Kate — and frame’s Ryan face well. The mask itself also seems redesigned as the collar on the suit itself appears to be more defined.
Meanwhile, the cape rides up less on her shoulders and offers a sleeker look. Well, in the photography anyway. As has always been the case with CW superhero costumes, the official photos only hint at the way the suits will look and perform on screen. We’re always reminded of how dreadful The Flash costume looked in early Season 1 photos. Nevertheless, it definitely seems like much of the awkwardness of Kate’s suit has been streamlined. Good choices all, even if the suit looks more like Kate’s than we might’ve guessed from Leslie and Dries’s comments last month.

Batwoman returns to The CW in 2021.
(h/t TVGuide)

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