Marie Javins Is DC Comics’ New Editor-In-Chief

by Erik Amaya

After a year of deep managerial changes, DC Comics veteran Marie Javins has been promoted to editor-in-chief, according to Variety.

“Marie intrinsically understands the power of comics and their unique ability to entertain and empower, which makes her a perfect choice to be DC’s next editor-in-chief,” DC Comics senior vice president and general manager Daniel Cherry III said in a statement. “In addition to her many creative talents, she’s also incredibly committed to increasing access to this amazing industry by mentoring the next generation of comic book creators and helping them find their voices. I look forward to working with her in her new role.”

Javins initially shared E-i-C duties with Michele R. Wells after a massive round of layoffs in August changed the shape of the company’s executive tier. Soon word broke of a general manager from the eSports sector — who turned out to be Cherry — who would join the company and institute further changes to the Superman publisher. Choosing a sole person to lead editorial appears to be one of those changes.

She replaces former E-i-C Bob Harras.

“As a young girl devouring comics of Wonder Woman, Nubia and Supergirl, I never dreamed that decades later, I’d be at the helm of the mighty DC Comics,” Javins said. “I’m incredibly honored by this responsibility, and will dedicate myself to supporting and challenging DC’s extended family of staff, talent, retailers, and partners around the world in our quest to tell innovative visual stories that both reflect and expand our world—and in some cases, our galaxy and multiverse.”

Javins’ promotion seemingly puts an end to a tumultuous year for the company, which saw long-time co-publisher Dan DiDio exit shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the entire comics industry. In the months which followed, DC attempted to open alternative distribution systems away from Diamond Comics Distributors, which also shut down as a result of the pandemic. The outcome of this decision has yet to fully play out.

The next shockwave hit in August, when, just two weeks before its big DC FanDome event was scheduled to occur, WarnerMedia laid off tons of top DC staffers like Harras, Brian Cunningham, Mark Doyle, Hank Kanalz, Jonah Weiland and Bobbie Chase. Their departures probably contributed to FanDome splitting into a two weekend event and the almost total lack of comics at both shows.

According to Lee’s interview just ahead of the August FanDome, DC Comics is dedicated to growing its presence in the digital sector; a change which was likely in the cards for sometime as corporate parent AT&T is seemingly only interested in streaming content. Like all of the rushes toward streaming we’ve seen in the last few months, DC’s abrupt management changes highlighted an acceleration of the plan. Indeed, the moribund DC Universe streaming service will covert to a comics-only subscription service in the new year.

Back in the DC Comics Universe itself, another multiversal reboot appears to be in the cards to reflect these real-world changes; although some have noticed it is a remix of DiDio’s “5G” plan and a complete disregard for any established DC history.

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