Embracer Group Acquires 13 New Companies Including 11 Game Studios

by Sage Ashford


During their quarterly financial results, Koch Media and THQ Nordic announced they they’ve purchased thirteen more companies that includes eleven game studios. This list includes A Thinking Ape, Zen Studios, Snapshot Games, Nimble Giant Entertainment, 34BigThings, Mad Head Games, Sandbox Strategies, Purple Lamp Studios, IUGO Mobile Entertainment, Quantic Lab, Coffee Stain North, Silent Games Ltd. and Flying Wild Hog.

A Thinking Ape is best known for it’s free to play titles like Kingdoms at War and Party in My Dorm, and will join Embracer Group’s DECA Games, an indie publisher known for their work on Realm of the Mad God.

Zen Studios was largely recognized for their pinball games, until they released Operencia: The Stolen Sun.  They will join Embracer’s Saber Interactive.

Snapshot Games, a smaller studio known for their work on Chaos Reborn, and Phoenix Point, will become part of Saber Interactive, but will continue to operate independently.

Nimble Giant Entertainment is best known for working on shooter Quantum League, and is currently working on a AAA title due in 2023, and will join Saber Interactive.

34BigThings is known for their work on the Redout series, and they’ll join Saber Interactive.

Mad Head Games is known for a variety of action and adventure titles, including Wanderlust: The City of Mists and Adam Wolfe.  They’ve become a part of Saber Interactive as well.

Sandbox Strategies largely focuses around PR in the area of video games, and will now become a wing of Saber Interactive.

Purple Lamp Studios is best known for their work on SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, and will become part of THQ Nordic.

IUGO Mobile Entertainment is a mobile games developer that works on titles like Middle-Earth: Shadows of War and Knights & Dragons, and will join DECA Games.

Coffee Stain North was already partially owned by Embracer, and they recently bought the remaining 40 percent of the shares.  Coffee Stain Holding has worked on titles like Satisfactory and Deep Rock Galactic.  The company will remain part of its own business unit, and will be releasing a title next year.

Silent Games Ltd. is a newer studio founded by former Ubisoft developers.  Their current mission statement is making a Double A studio where they can make RPGs with asynchronous cooperative multiplayer.

Flying Wild Hog is known for their work for Shadow Warrior, and they’re currently working on four new titles, including one launching in the next fiscal year.

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