Exclusive And Extended Preview: A Tale For Halloween – ‘Vampirella’ #15

by Olly MacNamee

Covid-19 has played havoc with comic book company’s schedules so it’s only now that we get to see Vampirella #15 which was down as the Halloween special, offering readers a done-in-one tale of suspense for the season. Nonetheless, it’s here now and only two weeks after Halloween too. That’s not bad, all things considered. So, let’s take an extended preview of the week’s new issue shall we?

Cover by Lucio Parrillo

Vampirella #15

Writer: Christopher Priest

Artist:  Madibek Musabekov

“In this standalone tale and perfect jumping-on point, “Ella Normandy” has been outed on social media as the space-vampire Vampirella, drawing the attention of a wide selection of deeply dysfunctional fans, two of whom claim to be ghosts seeking her help to avenge their murders.”

Vampirella #15 is out Wednesday 25th November from Dynamite Comics

Cover by Peach Momoko
Cover by Butcher Billy
Cover by Ergün Gündüz
Intraventus Painted Cosplay Variant

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